Where Do Repeat Drunk Drivers Live? There’s a Map for That

Posting addresses or maps showing where convicted sex offenders live has become a common practice on law enforcement websites.

Now, a police department in Wisconsin is taking a similar approach with repeat drunk drivers. The Janseville Police Department’s Project Sober Streets includes a map that shows where repeat DUI offenders live. Users can click on a pinpoint on the map to see the offender’s name, mug shot, address, and how many drunk driving convictions the person has accumulated. The record also notes if the person’s license has been revoked and whether they are on probation.

Much like sex offender details or maps that show where crimes have occurred, the intent of the Project Sober Streets map is to alert the public about individuals who might pose a danger to their neighborhood or community. Many of the repeat drunk driving offenders listed have five or more DUIs.

What do you think about publishing the names and addresses of people with multiple DUIs? Is it an important public service or an unfair invasion of privacy for offenders?