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Probation companies are not created equal. If you or someone you love has been court ordered to be on probation, you have some big decisions to make and we can help. You do not have to make these decisions on your own, trust our dedicated team of support specialists ready to help you learn the ins and outs of this process.

Probation does not have to be a burden. With the right team checking on you, you can gain serious momentum on your path to a better life. AMP Probation wants to be there to help you make that path the best path possible, whether you are in West Valley or any other part of the state.

Your Go-To West Valley Probation Company

We have a wide range of services at our West Valley probation office that can help you complete your probation successfully. We have a team of support staff that can help you with anything from budgeting to stress management. We'll also help you find the resources you need to make sure you're successful on probation.
​​Probation companies are designed to help those on probation by providing resources and support to make sure they stay on track. We're a Utah probation company that has been helping people in the community for years.

We know the toll that going to court and being on probation can take on an individual and their family. That's why our Utah probation company is here to help.

Utah’s Leader in Private Probation and Pretrial Services

We're considered one of the best private probation companies in Utah. Our services are affordable and we offer a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of our clients. We're here to help you make positive changes in your life and get back on track.
Our Utah probation company provides tailored solutions to fit your needs and lifestyle. The programs in our West Valley probation office are effective and have helped many people turn their lives around.

Cutting-Edge Tools for Better Monitoring in Utah

Aside from our skills and experience in probation services, we also invested in high-end tools and equipment to better monitor our clients. Our Utah probation company uses the latest in GPS and radio-frequency technology to keep track of offenders 24/7. Our software is also top-of-the-line, allowing us to quickly and easily generate reports, share information, and track progress.

We are a private probation office in West Valley with tools that allow us to provide a higher level of service and safety for both our clients and the community. And because we're always looking for ways to improve, we're constantly upgrading our tools and training our Utah probation company staff on the latest advances in probation monitoring.

West Valley Drug Testing and Screening Services

We also offer drug testing and screening services to our clients at our Utah probation company. Our state-of-the-art facilities can provide you with the information you need to make sure your employees are drug-free. We use the latest technologies to test for a variety of drugs, which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Why AMP Probation Over Other Private Probation Companies in Utah?

AMP Probation has been rated the #1 probation company in the state of Utah. From Logan to St George and back to West Valley, courts trust AMP Probation because we are dedicated to providing the very best services to you, our clients, and helping you learn.

We have a highly trained and experienced staff that is dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your probation needs.

Contact our team here or at (801) 903-2626 to get started.