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Probation monitoring is an important step in transitioning back to society. If you or someone you love is taking the steps needed to get their life back together, it is important to recognize that having someone to watch their back and with whom they can confide about the struggles of reentering everyday life can be a HUGE help in their progress. Courts across the state trust AMP probation to fulfill the probation monitoring process of this change, and you should too.

Not only are we here to keep you on track. You are here to help provide a guiding hand as you make a successful transition. Oftentimes probation officers or management companies are portrayed in the media as mean or uncaring. The fact is, we consider each transition to be an important step and responsibility on our end and want to provide every opportunity to make that transition successful. That is why we are the number one Judge & Court recommended probation management company in Salt Lake City, and the state of Utah.

Top Correctional Company for Salt Lake County Probation

AMP Probation is a full-service probation provider known throughout Salt Lake City for our reliability, affordability, and stellar reputation. If you’re looking for Salt Lake City probation services, our team is prepared with all the required licenses to offer you a range of services. Our team of specialists goes through extensive training, where they provide the needs for both private and pre-trial probation for the offenders and the District and Justice Courts in need of these services.

Many courts will also need pretrial monitoring services, such as GPS monitoring; AMP Probation can provide one of the most cost-efficient and effective ways to conduct such services. As the leaders in Salt Lake City probation services, our reputable company is able to serve Utah courts, along with the law enforcement that depends on us. We also provide substance abuse testing, monitoring, and Salt Lake County probation and parole services.

Overview of Salt Lake Probation Services

Our Salt Lake City probation services provide offenders with the chance to reintegrate with the community while allowing them to pursue education or a career compared to offenders still serving their time in prison. Implementing this system allows us to provide citizens with peace of mind, knowing that offenders are watched closely, acting as a deterrent from repeat offenses.

Many people believe that criminals can’t reform their lives of crime. But our probation services will help such offenders become productive parts of the community, while at the same time removing bad habits and turning this stigma on its head.

Private Probation Services with Offices in Salt Lake County & all Over Utah

The court may order probation in many different ways for those who are convicted of felonies or misdemeanors. In general, offenders who receive supervised probation for Class B or Class C misdemeanors will be appointed a probation officer. The officer may come from a county-level provider or from a private probation provider such as AMP Probation.

There may also be a wide range of conditions that come with the probation order, many of which we also provide, such as:

  • Drug testing
  • Ankle monitoring
  • Probation agent
  • Court reporting
  • Court classes
  • Fines and restitution

Individuals sentenced to "bench probation" aren’t actively supervised, but are also held to the standards outlined above.

Local Pretrial Probation Officers Near You

There are also times when a defendant is required to have pretrial supervision, even before they are sentenced by the court. This will provide the defendant with the choice to get out of their incarceration before their trial, provided that they fulfill certain conditions. These will include the following, which AMP Probation can also provide:

  • Substance abuse testing
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Regular reporting
  • And more

Domestic Violence Court Assessment Order in Utah

Domestic violence assessments more than anything can be life saving. Determine today whether you or someone you love is at risk of serious harm from your domestic partner. Call AMP Probation for a confidential and comfortable assessment today.

20 Years of Providing Salt Lake Probation Services

With over 20 years of experience providing Salt Lake County probation services, AMP Probation is well equipped for all your needs. We offer Salt Lake probation services that can be tailored to your exact standards.

We have a team of qualified professionals who can conduct court-ordered probation services waiting to hear from you. For our full range of Salt Lake City probation services, please don't hesitate to contact us at (801) 903-2626.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the Salt Lake probation services, you need and will help in any way we can to get you through this process.