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AMP is an Ogden, Utah-based private probation provider that offers a comprehensive range of services. Our proper licenses are in place, and you can count on us to deliver on our commitments. Our professionals are thoroughly prepared and extensively trained to fit the requirements of private probation for violators and the courts that demand these services.

If you find yourself in need of professional probation services in Ogden, odds are you aren’t sure what to do now. AMP Probation are experts in private probation services in Ogden, Utah, and can help guide you through the very best solutions possible. There is no need for shame or discomfort when selecting a probation company. Ask AMP, we can help you find a solution to your situation, or serve you in the Ogden area or anywhere in the state.

Professional Probation Services in Ogden

  • Probation, Ankle Monitoring, Drug Testing, Substance Abuse/DV Evals, Pre-sentence Report Investigations, and more!

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Those who violate probation terms face severe penalties, including home detention, fines, community work, rehabilitation programs, or jail. During probation, an offender's behavior is monitored to see whether it may be changed while adhering to limitations imposed by the criminal justice system particular to that person and their infractions.

With the help of probation and pretrial services in Ogden, offenders can reintegrate into society and pursue educational or employment possibilities in a way that incarcerated felons can't.

Non-offenders can rest easy knowing that this mechanism is in place. They are aware that criminals are being thoroughly monitored to prevent them from repeating offenses in the future. We are all aware that people who have committed crimes in the past may be inclined to do so again. Private probation services Ogden, Utah helps offenders reintegrate into society while eliminating the motivation to re-offend from their lives.

Why AMP Probation for Your Private Probation Services in Ogden, Utah?

AMP Probation is the number one recommended probation company in the state of Utah. With most judges referring clients directly to us, we have quickly become the most trusted private probation service in Ogden,Utah, let alone the entire state of Utah. Whether you personally have been court ordered to have probation in Ogden or the surrounding area, or you are the loved one or guardian of someone who has been court ordered, we understand your situation. With years of experience handling probation cases all across the state, we can help you with your probation needs.

Who Do We Work With?

We operate our probation monitoring services primarily for local, state and district courts, working offenders, judges, courts, prosecutors, families, attorneys, law enforcement, counselors, employers,non-profit organizations, and communities.

Electronic Ankle Monitoring

GPS, alcohol monitoring, marijuana, house arrest, curfew tracking, gang control, domestic violence and more. Electronic ankle monitoring is a safe and effective way to supervise both pre- and post-sentenced participants in the community, which reduces overcrowding in jails.


AMP is a leader in private probation and pretrial services. The courts will determine the specifics of private probation and rely on the nature of the crime and any mitigating circumstances.

Drug Testing

AMP provides drug testing and screening services. We have conducted tests for probation, bond monitoring, juvenile cases, and custody matters.

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AMP works with several courts in Ogden, Utah to monitor people on probation and offer alternatives to time behind bars. As a company, we're proud to provide the most advanced equipment, software, and personnel, competitive rates, and superior customer service.
Don’t stress. Trust AMP probation to help you get the most from your probation. Both personally and physically. From Ogden to Saint George, no matter where you are in the state; AMP Probation will help you.

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