Salt Lake City Drug Screening & Testing

Drug testing does not have to be a burden. For anyone who is required to get a drug test or screening, AMP Probation can definitely help you. We have fast become the go to Drug Screening company in Salt Lake City and the rest of the state of Utah. There are a variety of reasons for drug testing, but none is more important than another.

Employer Drug Testing in Salt Lake City

Employers have every right to protect their business and profits. The number one reported loss in a business is theft or damage from employees. Did you know that the number one cause of that theft is drug related? Prior to employment many Salt Lake City businesses send their employees to AMP Probation to ensure that their employment prospects meet their criteria.

Salt Lake City Parent & Guardian Drug Testing

Watching children struggle with drug addiction is one of the hardest things we have to experience. If you have loved ones in the Salt Lake City area who are struggling, or you are just concerned they are struggling with drug addiction, a drug screening from AMP Probation can help you out. We can confidentially help you ascertain the truth of your situation and help point you in the right direction for rehabilitation or assistance. Don’t struggle alone, turn to our dedicated team of professionals for answers and guidance.

Court Ordered Drug Screenings in Salt Lake City

If you find yourself required to participate in a court ordered drug screening, AMP Probation can help you. With our team of confidential and dedicated employees, we can help you meet the requirements of the law and take another step toward independence and freedom. Call AMP Probation today for your Salt Lake City Drug Test.

Why Choose AMP Probation?

AMP Probation is the number one recommended drug testing company in the state of Utah. Because of our dedication and support for our clients, we stand out. We are in a perfect position to offer you the support and help you need. Call today, you won’t regret it.