Ogden Drug Testing and Screening

Many people need drug testing services. Whether you are an employer, a concerned parent, or are court ordered to receive drug testing, AMP Probation can help you. With years of experience providing drug testing to Ogden residents, and all over the state of Utah, we know the processes, policies, and laws required to ensure you are compliant.

Employer Drug Testing in Ogden

For an employer, drug testing just makes sense. Ogden businesses turn to AMP probation to help officiate and ensure proper drug testing occurs. The number one loss employers face is theft from employees, and the number one reason for that theft has been linked to drug abuse. Drug testing just makes sense, if you are an Ogden employer looking for drug testing, call AMP Probation today to discuss rates and processes to protect your organization.

Ogden Parent and Guardian Drug Testing

Few things are harder to deal with than a wayward child. If you suspect your child has been involved in drugs, AMP probation can help you discover the truth in a confidential and compassionate way. We understand how difficult this situation can be for families all everywhere, not just in Ogden and we do our best in every instance to ensure you understand the processes and the procedures involved in drug testing. If you have questions, call AMP Probation today.

Ogden Court Ordered Drug Testing

If you find yourself in a situation where you are ordered by the court to get a drug test, AMP Probation can help you out. We are not just a drug testing facility, we are a group of dedicated professionals who care. And we want to show everyone in Ogden, drug testing does not have to be a burden, it can also be a blessing to help you get on the path of recovery, and even keep you on it.

Why Choose AMP Probation?

AMP Probation is your number one choice for drug testing in Ogden and all of Utah. With offices all over the state, and a team of Native Utahns, we know you and can identify with your situation. As a company dedicated to compassion and understanding in every situation we find ourselves, we have become the number one recommended company by courts in the state for probation and drug testing situations.

Don’t trust your future to just anyone, pick AMP Probation where we care about you and your situation. Call today.