Utah Drug Testing & Screening

Society is based on a set of values. Those values are determined by the majority to help secure the safety of all. Despite your opinion on drug use, the reality of drug abuse exists. Whether you are an employer, a spouse, a mother or father, or a member of the courts, you know the toll drug abuse can have on your loved ones, and society. AMP Probation recognizes this, and has devoted years to becoming the best drug testing and drug screening company in the state of Utah.

Who Needs Drug Tests or Drug Screenings?

There is a large cross-section of people who require drug screenings. Despite your need, AMP Probation can help ensure it happens quickly, safely, and confidentially. We understand how important the results of these drug tests can be for Utah residents, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. Here are a few of our typical clients:

The Courts

The courts require drug testing for many reasons. Typically most judges want to help improve and better the lives of those around them. As a way of ensuring those burdened by drug abuse are taking steps to improve their situation, they will often order drug treatment and probation with followup drug tests and drug screenings. AMP Probation is often the preferred provider to ensure that those struggling with these addictions are cleaning up their lives and sticking with their rehabilitation.

Parents & Guardians

Few things cause a heavier burden on parents and guardians besides substance abuse. Many parents and guardians throughout Utah call AMP Probation to administer drug screenings and substance abuse tests to their loved ones. While teenage years can be rough on many children, the fact remains that the decisions and habits started in those years can have a huge effect on their later years. To ensure your child or loved one has the best chance at a brigher future, call AMP Probation today if you even suspect something might be going on. It is easier to correct at the beginning than after the habits and addictions have formed.


Over 80% of employers require drug testing prior to beginning employment. There are very obvious reasons why this is the case, for example: Most employers report that the number one source of loss in a company is not due to shop lifting, but to employee stealing or embezzlement. One of the leading reasons an employee would still comes down to drugs. They either need the money to buy drugs, or used their money to buy drugs and need the cash to pay the other bills. Regardless of the reasons, finding dependable, honest employees is a challenge before you take into consideration substances that can seriously impair their judgement. Whether you run an international corporation or a small Ma & Pa shop, AMP Probation has resources to assist you with your Utah drug tests and Drug Screening.

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