Salt Lake City Court Ordered Assessments

A court order for an assessment is done to ensure recovery is taking place in a rehabilitation situation. AMP Probation is the #1 recommended probation and assessment company in the state of Utah. Why? Because we treat every single on of our clients with respect and professionalism. Confidentiality is the key and our team of professionals will treat every single case with the respect you deserve.

Substance Abuse Assessments in Salt Lake City

If you are recovering from a substance abuse or addiction situation, you may find the courts require you to take part in a substance abuse assessment. Understanding the process and getting a professional assessment about your progress is a key to a lifetime free from addiction. AMP Probation will treat your situation with the confidentiality and respect you need. Call today.

Salt Lake City Domestic Violence Assessments

Domestic Violence Assessments are an important part of protecting those who cannot defend themselves as well as the future of those who commit domestic violence. Regardless of your situation, AMP Probation understands that no two people are the same. We do not pass judgement on those who enter our assessment programs. If you have questions, call us today.

Anger Management Assessments in Salt Lake City

Anger Management assessments are a key to ensuring that we gain control over our emotions. Everyone was born in a different place to different parents, and socially we all handle things differently. AMP Probation understands that often times the things we do are not a reflection of who we really are. An important step in ensuring you are happy with your progress and are moving in the direction you want in life: A direction full of control. Call AMP Probation today to discuss next steps and help satisfy the requirements of the court.