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Court Ordered Assessments are a necessary part of recovery for many aspects of life. If you have been required by the courts to participate and pass an assessment, AMP Probation can help answer your questions and satisfy the requirements of the court. Call and discuss your questions with anyone of our confidential and professional support team members.

What Are Provo Court Ordered Assessments?

When a court in Provo orders an assessment, they are requesting that a qualified professional evaluate an offender’s risks and needs. This process may involve interviewing the offender and/or relatives and reviewing criminal history or other relevant records.
The Provo court will use the results of its ordered assessment to make informed decisions about an offender’s level of risk, needs, and the best way to supervise them while on probation. Essentially, courts and probations need these assessments to do their jobs more efficiently.

Importance of Court Ordered Assessments in Provo, Utah

Court ordered assessments in Provo, Utah, are important for many reasons, including:

  • Determines Sentencing
    • Courts will determine an individual's probation and sentencing by assessing the risk they pose as an offender.
  • Guides Offenders
    • Offenders who know the extent of their offense can use the assessment information to point them in the right direction to make positive life decisions.
  • Creates Plans
    • Understanding an offender's risk level helps courts create an effective supervision plan to help the individual.

Types of Provo Court Ordered Assessments in Provo

At AMP Probation, we offer different assessments that courts in Provo usually ask from offenders in the city and surrounding areas. Our range of court ordered assessment services includes:

Anger Management Assessments Provo

An anger management court assessment in Provo is necessary when an individual’s case involves acts of anger or aggression. This assessment is important to help the court understand how to best deal with the offender’s probation.

If you have been required to participate in an Anger Management Assessment, you are on an important path to recovery. Everyone has emotions, and we here at AMP Probation understand that no two people are the same.

Anger management assessments can also help the offender understand why they act out in anger and what steps they can take to control their emotions. Call AMP for your Provo court ordered assessments. We can help you fulfill your court ordered Anger Management assessment confidentially and judgment free.

Domestic Violence Assessments Provo

Getting a domestic violence court ordered assessment in Provo is critical for anyone whose probation is the result of a domestic violence-related offense. This assessment can be an extension of anger management evaluations since they can help explain anger issues and violent behavior an offender may exhibit at home.

Domestic Violence is an unfortunate side effect of our society. If the courts have required you to participate in a court ordered assessment in Provo, Utah for domestic violence, call AMP Probation today. We can provide your assessment in a judgment free and confidential manner. Please call today to discuss your questions and concerns.

Substance Abuse Assessments Provo

Substance and drug abuse assessments Provo courts order are important in cases where drugs or alcohol were involved in the offense. Provo drug and alcohol assessments can help to understand any addiction issues the offender may have as well as the severity of the addiction.

Provo Substance Abuse assessments are a necessary part of recovery. If you have received a court order to participate in a Substance Abuse assessment, AMP Probation can help you satisfy those requirements without any shame or discomfort. The path to recovery is an honorable and difficult path, we can help you get there today.

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