Ogden Court Ordered Assessments

There are a variety of assessments the court may require of you. No matter what the situation is, courts in the state of Utah, and especially Ogden trust AMP Probation to fulfill these requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the most common assessments available.

Substance Abuse Assessments in Ogden

Substance abuse can be an incredibly difficult situation to overcome. There is no shame in trying to make a change in your life. AMP Probation is known for respect and confidentiality when it comes to every aspect of our work, and that goes for drug abuse assessments as well. Call today to get your questions and concerns answered. At that point we are able to fulfill the requirements of the courts and help you with the assessment so you can continue on with your life. Call today.

Ager Management Assessments in Ogden

Emotions are a part of being human. Anger is just one of those, and unfortunately many of us do not have the control over it that we should. With intense psychological needs we all have, sometimes Anger Management is an important part of he healing and self control process. If you have been court ordered to receive an anger management assessment in Ogden, or anywhere else in Utah for that matter, you can turn to AMP Probation to satisfy the courts and return to your day-to-day. Call today to get your questions answered.

Domestic Abuse Assessments in Ogden

Determining whether or not you need a domestic abuse assessment is a crucial part of growing up. AMP Probation does not pass judgement on anyone with whom we come in contact. If you are required to receive a domestic abuse assessment in Ogden, AMP Probation can handle your case with the respect and confidentiality you deserve. Call AMP Probation today.