Drug Abuse Assessments, Anger Management Assessments, & Domestic Violence Assessments in Utah

AMP provides evaluations and assessments in the state of Utah for:

  • Substance abuse
  • Anger management
  • Domestic violence and more

Substance Abuse Assessments

AMP Probation has a sterling record when it comes to drug abuse assessments. Whether court ordered or requested by a guardian or parent, people trust AMP for their unobtrusive, understanding, and strictly confidential handling of these delicate situations. Call AMP probation for your drug abuse assessment today.

Anger Management Assessments

Anger management might be one of the most difficult things to assess, but we have years of experience. Courts and private citizens a like trust AMP Probation to orchestrate, perform, and catalog results from anger management assessments. Call today, and find out how AMP Probation can help you.

Domestic Violence Assessments

Domestic violence assessments more than anything can be life saving. Determine today whether you or someone you love is at risk of serious harm from your domestic partner. Call AMP Probation for a confidential and comfortable assessment today.

Service Areas

Salt Lake City
St George
West Valley