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Substance Abuse, Anger Management, & Domestic Violence

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For those who experience domestic violence in the household, handling a heated situation can be difficult and traumatizing, especially for those with young children. If you’re looking for a change or have a court ordered assessment, you will need a team that you can rely on. This is where AMP Probation can help you with a wide range of services.

Utah Court Order Individual Assessment Plan

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Are you looking for a change and want to help your loved one get better? Getting a court ordered assessment is a process where a judge may help you petition someone you know to get help. This may be due to excessive alcohol or drug problems — a court assessment order will allow you to help stop your loved one from going back to their addiction.
Once you start the process, the court will order an alcohol or drug assessment, which must be done by a professional that’s been approved by the state. With more than 20 years of experience in fulfilling court ordered assessments, AMP can provide the solution you’re looking for. Our team offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Drug Testing
  • Ankle Monitoring
  • Probation Monitoring
  • Substance Abuse/DV Evaluations
  • Pre-Sentence Report Investigations

Substance Abuse Assessments in Utah

AMP Probation has a sterling record when it comes to drug abuse assessments. Whether court ordered or requested by a guardian or parent, people trust AMP for their unobtrusive, understanding, and strictly confidential handling of these delicate situations.

In partnership with PharmChek, our team uses patches that can effectively determine whether or not someone has been using drugs, without the need for urine collection. Our patches instead collect sweat, which not only detects the potential use of drugs but also acts as a deterrent for future use. These can detect a wide range of substances, including:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Amphetamine/methamphetamine
  • PCP

When it comes to alcohol, we provide two different but equally effective ways to monitor a loved one. Our options, Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring and SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring, can provide offenders with a deterrent to drinking. Both solutions offer ways to randomly test them for the levels of alcohol in their system, which means they’ll have to think twice before having a drink.

Anger Management Assessments Near You

Anger management might be one of the most difficult things to assess, but we have years of experience. Courts and private citizens a like trust AMP Probation to orchestrate, perform, and catalog results from anger management assessments. Call today, and find out how AMP Probation can help you.

Domestic Violence Court Assessment Order in Utah

Domestic violence assessments more than anything can be life saving. Determine today whether you or someone you love is at risk of serious harm from your domestic partner. Call our probation company in Sandy for a confidential and comfortable assessment today.

Find Your AMP Location for Court Ordered Assessments in Utah

If you or your loved one have been given a court ordered assessment, take a proactive approach to the change that needs to happen. At AMP, we provide everything you need to support you — cutting-edge technology and accurate readings of drug or alcohol consumption. However, everything else will depend on you, and how willing you are to make the change to become a better partner, a better parent, and a better human.
Our team is also proud to serve all of Utah as well as the surrounding areas. You can be sure that we have all the tools and resources you need to thoroughly assess and monitor your situation. If you need support, let us help you achieve the results you’re looking for to get your life back. Call AMP probation for your court assessment order — get started with us today!

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