SCRAM Remote Alcohol Breath Test With GPS Location Monitoring

AMP Probation is an authorized service partner of SCRAM, offering the world’s first remote breath alcohol tester. The SCRAM Remote Breath is a handheld, wireless, and portable breathalyzer that monitors offenders conveniently.

Automated Facial Intelligence™

One-piece, handheld, cellular

Proven fuel cell technology

GPS location with every test

Client text message reminders and notifications

Rugged, built for corrections

Integrates with SCRAMNET

Random, scheduled, and on-demand testing

Ideal Alcohol Breath Test for Lower-Risk Clients

SCRAM Remote Breath is suited for clients with favorable compliance analytics. It offers monitoring services for clients with past violations, continuously supporting them throughout their journey to sobriety. Keep track of a client’s missed tests and alcohol consumption easily with this convenient handheld device.

Alcohol Breath Test Machine Compatible With SCRAM CAM

SCRAM CAM is a standard alcohol tester that serves well as a step above the Remote Breath device. As such, it is suited for clients with a higher risk of continuously failing the handheld breath test alcohol detector.
Likewise, clients undergoing SCRAM CAM that are maintaining good alcohol consumption behavior can take a step down to Remote Breath. You can implement this reward immediately because both technologies offer 24/7 compliance, without needing client action.

Combining these two technologies in your standard procedures helps you diversify your initiatives to keep your community safe. Upgrade your operations by offering various SCRAM technologies that are suited for specific conditions.

Integrated Breath Alcohol Test System

The SCRAM Systems Program Management Center includes the SCRAM Remote Breath and SCRAM CAM technologies. This integrated system allows you to completely monitor your clients through a comprehensive platform that offers:

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Product Training
  • Court Support
  • Client Compliance Analytics

You can expect to get complete access to everything that you need when it comes to SCRAM Systems. Equip your agency with the right alcohol testing tools to ensure your community’s sobriety and safety.

Alcohol Breath Tester With Facial Recognition

SCRAM Remote Breath alcohol tester comes with an automated facial intelligence feature. This is the pioneering device of this technology, equipping you with an automated and intelligent bio-confirmation system. This system offers:

  • Top-grade Facial Recognition Software: SCRAM utilizes government security-grade facial recognition software that goes beyond regular photos.
  • Automated Matching Technology: Optimize your entire security system by significantly reducing manual photo review, which also improves overall staff efficiency.
  • High-resolution Photos: Obtain clear images every time you conduct reviews, which will help verify identities.

Selecting the Right Alcohol Breath Test Technology for Each Client

SCRAM Systems is the only technology company providing OPTIONS in alcohol monitoring to help you manage a wider range of alcohol clients and reduce risks to your community.

At AMP Probation, we are dedicated to keeping communities safe by providing the newest alcohol testing devices. Whether your agency uses these tools for criminal charges or alcohol treatment purposes, you can rest assured that we can equip you with the necessary monitoring devices.

The SCRAM Remote Breath Alcohol Tester with GPS location monitoring is only one of our comprehensive supplies of state-of-the-art technology. Visit our complete listing of monitoring solutions to upgrade your agency’s initiatives in maintaining a healthy neighborhood.

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