House Arrest Monitoring Services in Utah

SCRAM House Arrest is a standalone house arrest monitor built for modern homes. This GPS ankle monitoring bracelet is optimized for compatibility with standard internet services and phone lines. Discover the range of this device for your monitoring solutions.

Standalone House Arrest Monitoring System for Utah Homes

While less than half of U.S. households have a landline telephone, over 75% have Internet service. That’s why SCRAM’s House Arrest monitoring technology, available since 2010 in our SCRAM CAM device and now available as a standalone system, is optimized to work with multiple options:

  • Internet:
    • The house arrest system transmits data through home internet services, including Ethernet and Wi-Fi.
  • Digital Phone:
    • You can easily transfer house arrest and curfew data through digital telephone lines as they usually use broadband internet and digital subscriber lines (DSL).
  • Cellular:
    • This technology connects with cellular networks, simplifying your connectivity through the mobile telephone system.
  • Vonage:
    • If you subscribe to the Vonage telecommunications company, you can connect the house arrest ankle bracelet to stay updated.
  • Traditional Landline:
    • Homes that utilize traditional communication systems can still benefit from this flexible house arrest monitor.

Utah’s Effective Home Curfew Monitoring Solutions

Flexible options ensure anyone can use the SCRAM House Arrest system without the need to install new home communications systems

Quick, 30-second installation

The SCRAM Base Station works in any home, office, or location with electricity

Reliable tamper technology substantially reduces false alerts

Variable range and leave window settings, set by agents, to accommodate varying proximity distances and schedules

SCRAM House Arrest Features

  • Instantaneous alerts and summary reports of movement while the offender is in residence

  • Both scheduled and random verification

  • Multiple anti-tamper systems, cut-strap detection, and waterproof design

  • Base station has digital LCD display for easy install and offender communication

  • One-year field-replaceable battery

  • Fully integrates with all SCRAM Systems technologies on the SCRAMNET software platform

These features make the house arrest monitoring system suitable for domestic and family caseloads and community corrections purposes. Data that you collect from the house arrest device can also help with:

  • Bail and Sentencing Reform:
    • This house arrest device is a location monitoring solution to help control the burden of supervising offenders from reentering correctional facilities. It utilizes software and program models based on location evidence to simplify assessments.
  • Prison and Jail Overcrowding:
    • Communities across the United States will truly benefit from solutions that can alleviate the overcrowding of prisons and jails. This electronic monitoring device serves as an efficient alternative to incarceration while keeping track of offenders.
      Generally, the house arrest device provides the necessary supervision for clients without compromising accountability for their actions. With a compact design, it allows discreet placement while remaining effective enough to deliver a powerful signal.

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