Location Monitoring

Technology built for today’s homes.

Standalone House Arrest System

While less than half of U.S. households have a landline telephone, over 75% have Internet service. That’s why SCRAM’s House Arrest technology, available since 2010 in our SCRAM CAM device and now available as a standalone system, is optimized to work with multiple options:

Home Internet service through Ethernet or Wi-Fi
Standard or digital phone lines

SCRAM House Arrest®

The Most Flexible House Arrest System on the Market

Flexible options ensure anyone can use the SCRAM House Arrest system without the need to install new home communications systems
Quick, 30-second installation
The SCRAM Base Station works in any home, office, or location with electricity
Reliable tamper technology substantially reduces false alerts
Variable range and leave window settings, set by agents, to accommodate varying proximity distances and schedules

SCRAM House Arrest Features

Instantaneous alerts and summary reports of movement while the offender is in residence
Both scheduled and random verification
Multiple anti-tamper systems, cut-strap detection, and waterproof design
Base station has digital LCD display for easy install and offender communication
One-year field replaceable battery
Fully integrates with all SCRAM Systems technologies on the SCRAMNET software platform